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Submitted on
June 21, 2009



Water, water (bendy) everywhere!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 21, 2009, 11:26 PM

...and not a drop to drink! ;P

Okay, seeing as I've been tagged by several people and found some random little surveys I liked and took, it's QUIZDUMP TIEM. Beware, long journal ahead. Not even small text can save me. Also, I took these quizzes at all different times.

:cd: Firstly, two element quizzes I stole from GordoZONE and someone else I forget, respectively.

[ ] You have a short temper.
[ ] You often act on your emotions without thinking first.
[x] You are very competitive.
[ ] You like to play with fire.
[x] You are not a strong swimmer or you can't swim at all.
[x] You prefer warm weather over cold weather.
[ ] You often lose control over yourself.
[x] You can be quite reckless.
[ ] You sometimes hurt people without realizing it.
[x] People have often called you insane.
Total: 5

[x] You have a calm, laid-back personality. (This is debatable.)
[x] You like to go to the beach.
[x] You rarely get angry.
[x] When you do get angry, you know how to control it.
[x] You think before you act.
[x] You are good at breaking up fights.
[ ] You are a good swimmer.
[x] You like the rain.
[x] You can stay calm in stressful situations.
[x] You are very generous. (I don't think of myself that way, really. ^^;)
Total: 9

[ ] You are physically strong.
[ ] You have a close connection with nature.
[x] You don't mind getting dirty.
[ ] You form strong opinions on issues that concern you.
[ ] You could easily survive in the wild.
[x] You care about the environment.
[ ] You can easily focus on your work without getting distracted.
[x] You rarely get depressed.
[ ] You aren't afraid of anything. (Again, debatable.)
[ ] You prefer to have a strict set of rules.
Total: 3

[x] You have a free spirit.
[ ] You hate rules.
[ ] You prefer to be out in the open rather than in small, enclosed spaces. (It doesn't really matter to me. :XD:)
[ ] You hate to be restrained.
[x] You are very independent and outgoing.
[x] You are quite intelligent. (I dunno, am I? I make A's, B's, and C's...)
[ ] You tend to be impatient.
[xxx] You are easily distracted.
[x] You can sometimes be hyperactive and/or annoying.
[x] You wish you could fly.
Total: 6

[ ] You spend most of your time alone.
[x] You prefer nighttime over daytime.
[ ] You like creepy things. (Some, not all.)
[ ] You like to play tricks on people.
[ ] Black is your favorite color.
[ ] You prefer the villains over the heroes in movies, TV shows, videogames, etc.
[ ] You don't talk much. (Debatable. I talk a lot with people I know. I don't talk a lot with people I don't know or people that hate me. ^^;)
[ ] You are atheist.
[x] You don't mind watching scary movies.
[ ] You love to break the rules.
Total: 2

[x] You are very polite. (I try to be. :blushes:)
[x] You are spiritual.
[x] When someone is in trouble, you never hesitate to help them.
[x] You believe everything you see or hear. (Most of it except for those times you know it's fake, or sarcastic.)
[ ] You are afraid of the dark.
[x] You hate violence.
[x] You hope for world peace. (I know, it will never happen. But I can still hope, right? :heart:)
[x] You are generally a happy person.
[ ] Everyone loves to be around you. (I don't know. Do you?)
[x] You always follow the rules.
Total: 8

Fire: 5
Water: 9
Earth: 3
Air: 6
Darkness: 2
Light: 8

...hah, of course I would get the most for water. And light ran close place for second? :O

[] If you get in my way I'll POUND YOU!
[] I confide in my Passion!
[] I can beat anyone with my superior will!
[] I don't like to wait to get what I want.
[x] I like warm weather and lots of sun.
[] Caution is not worth sacrificing efficiency
[] I have a short temper.
[x] I like Spicy/Savory food. And it's gotta be hot!
[x] It's important to fight for what's right!
[x] Music should be fast and powerful. It should make me want to dance!
Total: 4

[x] If you get in my way, I'll just go around you.
[x] Versatility is invaluable.
[x] I can overcome anything with my superior wit.
[x] I'll get what I want using a method you hadn't considered.
[x] I like when it rains.
[x] I'll help you if you need it, but don't get greedy.
[] I'm willing to bend my morals for the sake of progress. (It depends ^^;)
[x] I like food that soothes my body. Like how you can feel water run all the way into your belly.
[x] A solution can be found with diplomacy.
[x] Music should be soft and soothing, but also focused if that makes sense.
Total: 9

[] If you get in my way, I'll get in your way!
[] I center myself on Focus!
[] I can't be overcome by anything. I'll stay right here until you give up!
[x] I can wait for what I want.
[x] I like cool mornings and lazy evenings.
[] I bet I could beat you in a staring contest. Don't lose focus!
[x] I won't sacrifice my morals for anything. I have them for a reason.
[x] I like earthy/savory foods. Like heavy breads and red meat.
[x] I respect devotion and order.
[x] Music should be strong and steady. Like the beat of your heart.
Total: 6

[x] You can't get in my way. Haha!
[x] I believe in total freedom! (Except for, you know, bad people O__o)
[x] I already have everything I could want. (Hehe, but I'm positive this might change with age.)
[x] It's impossible to stop me, because I'm not limited by the same things as you.
[x] I like a refreshing breeze on a warm day. With lots of white clouds.
[] I live in the moment and act on my impulsive desires.
[x] What's the point in getting angry? Just have fun!
[x] I like light and sweet foods, like sweet breads and water-based broths.
[x] I'll do anything to be free and happy.
[x] Music should dance in my ears and remind me of what it's like to cut loose.
Total: 9

[x] Oh! Am I in your way? Let me move.
[x] I believe life should be cherished above all other things.
[x] I will submit for now, but I will never give up.
[x] If I play my cards right, everything I want will be provided for me.
[x] I like windy days that make the trees sway and whisper.
[x] I will not hesitate to help you if I am able.
[] Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I will fight for that right only. (Indeed I am all for that right but I wouldn't really fight for it, I'd rather shut my mouth and not be a part of it ^^;)
[x] I love fresh fruit and vegetables.
[x] I would compromise before I would argue.
[x] Music should be honest and gentle like leaves blowing in the autumn wind. Or the creaking of a great tree.
Total: 9

[] If you get in my way once, I'll find another way. If you do it again, I'll kill you.
[x] My strength is drawn from Clarity and Understanding.
[] Come winter, you'll freeze to death, and I won't have to bother with you.
[x] I'll endure much suffering to get what I want.
[x] I love cold, cloudless days. (Does that make me weird? O__o;;)
[] Your problems aren't my problems. Bother someone else.
[] I'm not easily impressed.
[x] I like cold and sweet foods. Like cold soups and shaved ice.
[] Justice is indefinite you fool.
[x] Music should have clear, bold sounds. Like bells.
Total: 5

[] Try getting in my way! I'll blast right past you!
[] Confidence is key! (Of course it is! But I have none! Huzzah! 8D)
[] I don't stop until I win!
[] I don't like waiting for what I want. If it takes to long, I'll find something else.
[] I'd prefer not getting rained on, but I love thunder and lightning. (I like both ^_^)
[x] I'll do anything for my friends.
[x] I'm easily excited
[x] I love sour!
[] I'll fight tooth and nail for my pride!
[x] Music should be fast and upbeat. Techno and Electrodance baby!
Total: 4

[] Don't ever cross my path.
[] I draw my strength only from myself.
[] I'm not afraid to be underhanded.
[] All I want is for people to leave me alone.
[] I like the night. And the shade during the day. I prefer to avoid the sun.
[] People like Batman's The Joker, and Naruto's Orochimaru are my idols.
[] If there is no profit in it, I don't do it.
[x] I like salty and bland foods. Potatoes are a must.
[] I would be an executioner.
[] Music should be low and slow. I should feel the darkness of the composer's heart in the beat.
Total: 1 (Lol but how is that dark? xD)

[x] No obstacle shall obscure my righteous path.
[x] Justice and Loyalty are of the utmost importance.
[x] Valor will overcome all forms of treachery.
[x] I want to see peace throughout the world.
[x] I love warm sunny days where the wind blows across the golden fields.
[x] I find the world to be dismal and seek to correct it.
[] People have called me stuck up.
[x] I appreciate food that is prepared with hard work and love.
[] Those who are wrong must be corrected! (They should be; I don't want to do it though ^^;)
[x] Music should be beautiful and imposing. Drum, Trumpet, Piano, Harp, Flute, etc... are lovely.
Total: 8

[x] I know all the alternate paths. No one can get in my way for long.
[x] I pride myself on my Awareness.
[x] I just want to enjoy the scenery.
[x] My tastes change often, so getting things I want is sometimes a chore.
[x] I like wide open spaces. Like sparsely treed fields and big houses.
[] I would prefer to travel than live in one place.
[x] Don't crowd me!
[x] I like things you can eat a lot of without getting full.
[] I'll fight for the best seat in the house.
[x] Music should be grand and boisterous. It should echo!
Total: 8

[x] If you get in my way, I'll wait for you to leave and come back.
[x] Among all things, Patience is the most valuable.
[] I can outlast anyone at anything.
[x] Everything is finite. I'll take what I get and leave what I don't.
[x] As long as it's convenient to me, I like any weather.
[x] People should go out of their ways to spend time enjoying things.
[x] I can easily become lost in thought.
[x] I like hardy, filling foods.
[x] I don't bother fighting over things. People will eventually wear themselves out.
[x] Music should be timeless. Enjoyable by all people through the ages.
Total: 9

Fire: 4
Water: 9
Earth: 6
Air: 9
Nature: 9
Ice: 5
Lightning: 4
Darkness: 1
Light: 8
Space: 8
Time: 9


:cd: Tagged by cyanideandcandy.

[x] - You like mice.
[ ] - Dust scares you.
[ ] - Your mother had more than 2 children.
[ ] - You are a smoker.
[ ] - You drink a lot.
[x] - You like to write.
[x] - You are religious (To a certain extent.)
[x] - You like to burn candles.
[ ] - You prefer juice or water over soda.
[x] - You have ridden a horse.


[ ] - You have done drugs.
[ ] - You are currently a drug addict.
[x] - You are very artistic.
[x] - You like stuffed animals.
[x] - You are attracted to shiny things.
[x] - You have eaten a bug before. (When I was a kid. :XD:)
[x] - You love cars.
[x] - Cats are your favorite animal. (They tie with pandas.)
[ ] - You hate animals.
[x] - You are spontaneous and random


[x] - You like fruit a lot.
[ ] - You drive
[x] - You make / made good grades in school.
[x] - You are going / are in / have been to college.
[x] - You like for things to be very clean.
[x] - You are very messy. (Ironic, isn't it? :P)
[x] - You love to eat.
[x] - Christmas is your favorite holiday. (I have a bunch of favorites xD)
[x] - You like the beach.
[ ] - You hate the color pink.


[x] - You wear glasses or contacts.
[x] - You chat online a lot
[x] - You always use correct grammar.
[x] - You like to take quizzes.
[x] - You eat out at restaurants more than you eat at home.
[x] - You enjoy swimming. (Too bad I can't swim.)
[ ] - You have more than 5 pets.
[ ] - You have more than 10 pets. (I used to :P)
[x] - You believe in ghosts.
[x] - You have seen a ghost.


[x] - You prefer comedy movies over romance movies.
[x] - You like dancing, either doing it yourself or watching. (Too bad I can't dance.)
[ ] - You have been to a strip club.
[x] - You drink coffee in the morning. (Sometimes.)
[x] - You like to be awake at night.
[x] - You don't go outside often.
[x] - You love to read.
[x] - You believe in an afterlife of some kind.
[ ] - You have short hair.
[ ] - You know how to cook well.



0 - 1 = Mosquito.
2 - 3 = A weed.
4 - 5 = Daisy.
6 - 7 = Janitor.
8 - 9 = Goose.
10 - 11 = Rock.
12 - 13 = Fireman.
14 - 15 = Rose.
16 - 17 = Mouse.
18 - 19 = Cow.
20 - 21 = Rabbit.
22 - 23 = Mental Patient.
24 - 25 = Grass.
26 - 27 = Vampire.
28 - 29 = Bat.
30 - 31 = Hippo.
32 - 33 = Crocodile.
34 - 35 = Water.
36 - 37 = Horse.
38 - 39 = Hawk.
40 - 41 = Spider
42 - 43 = Flea.
44 - 45 = Princess or Prince.
46 - 47 = President.
48 - 50 = You have done everything. Your lives have run out.

Goodness, I guess I really am Waterbendy! :O I freaking swear I answered those quizzes honestly.

And finally...

:cd: Tagged by ladyleyleybug and 15s0ftball (sort of).

Do you think your ex has moved on and is happier with another person?
What ex?

Do you think long relationships at your age mean anything?
Definitely possible. Sometimes you do end up with your high school sweetheart. :shrug:

Where were you around 3 yesterday?
Cleaning my room, hardcore. I've even changed the curtains and everything, haha.

Do you have plans for the weekend?
Yes! An eight-hour, 500+ miles road trip to go visit my old home. :XD:

Who's the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Is there anyone who's over protective of you?

Where were you at 1:30 last night?
Um, either watching TV or cleaning my dA inbox.

What made you smile last?
I guess hysterical laughter from watching Robot Chicken Star Wars doesn't count, so that would be earlier today when my mom showed me my baby pictures from when I was one day old for the first time. :)

How old is your sibling?

Who told you they loved you last?
My grandmother.

Does anything hurt on your body?
My legs. 1) I've been walking nonstop all day, 2) I attempted to shave without water. Ow.

Do you like to listen to the radio in the car?
Fffft my mom listens to nothing but Bee Gees CDs. She rules the family car. :lol:

Do you sleep with a fan on?
My ceiling fan, though I don't need it. We have A/C, so I freeze my butt off at night usually.

How is your hair right now?
In a ponytail.

Will you be up before 7:00 a.m. tomorrow?
Neh. I might be up at 9 or 10-ish, and that's pretty early for me. :lmao:

Did you speak to your father today?
I spoke to my stepfather for Father's Day...

Will tomorrow be better than today?
Of course! :D

What time did you wake up this morning?
10:30 when I realized my grandparents would be here and I had to get ready, but I gave out and woke up at 12:00 again, when I smelled bacon. :lol:

Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?
Yep. :heart:

Is there anybody else in the room with you?
Does my cat Luna and the Bleach crew in plushy form count?

Why did you kiss the last person you did?
Because she's my grandmother and it's only right. :XD:

Whats something you really want right now?
Pokémon Platinum!!

What do you need to go shopping for?
A new backpack, purse, school clothes, a bathing suit, Pokémon Platinum, books, DVDs...

How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?
I guess around 30.

Are you looking forward to something as of right now?
Heck yes! The whole entire week, the weekend, and of course, Otakon!

Would you rather drink coffee or tea?
Hmm...probably coffee, but I like tea a lot, too and I can be Asian and drink my various teas with pride, thank you.

Will you be in a relationship next month?

Who'd you last hug?
My grandparents. I half-hugged my sister.

Will the next person you kiss be the same person you last kissed?
Aye dee kay.

Are there any bruises/cuts on your body?
Goodness, yes. It's a miracle if I make it through a day without falling or bumping into something.

How late did you stay up last night?
3:30 or 4. :XD:

Are you a loud person?
With my friends, family and people I know, yep. Everyone else, not really.

Are you a shy person?
Pretty much. I want to change that this summer, though.

Who was the last person you cried in front of?
I don't cry in front of people. I want people to remember me as the girl who always smiled. :)

Are you currently reading a book?
Nope, I finished Breaking Dawn a few days ago and now I have nothing else to read. The reason I kept procrastinating! I'm too broke to go to a bookstore and mum won't take me to the library :cries:

What were you doing at 10:17 p.m. last night?
Ffffft heck if I remember.

Is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking about?
Yeah. I think everyone has one of those.

If your parents didn't like the person you were dating, would you lose them?
It would depend on how much I really loved them.

Ever walked on a rooftop?

Has a boy ever called you babe/baby?
Yes, some strange guys while I was taking a walk once. It was kind of gross and mildly disturbing...

Will you be in a relationship in 4 months?

Are you wearing short shorts?

Have any plans for the summer?
Many! :heart:

Have you ever fallen asleep in someone's arms?
No. :(

Do you find it difficult to sleep on your stomach?
Not really. I've been able to sleep anywhere and in any position ever since I was a baby. :XD:

Is there someone you will never forget?
Of course, tons of people.

Would you like to put last night on repeat, and live it forever?
Haha, noooo. Boredom that lasts forever? I'd rather do my stepdad's laundry.

Have you ever kissed someone in a bathroom?

What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?

What is your current annoyance?
My carpal tunnel. :hmm:

Who is the last person that you kissed?
Deja vu... my grandmother.

Are you afraid of roller coasters?
Heck no! Gimme the worst you got!

Ever had a thought of suicide?

Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
Hot weather, because you can have fun and get over being hot, but who can have fun when you have to stand in place shivering?

When is your birthday?
November 1st.

Do you think you're wasting your time on the person you like?
Of course I am. He has a plethora of girls who tell him how cute he is every minute of every day. But you know what? It doesn't matter if he likes me back. As long as I can like him, that's the most beautiful thing about it and that's totally fine with me. :heart:

How many girls do you fully trust?
Eh, I never trust anyone 100%, but 99.99%. And there's quite a few girls I could trust. I wish I could find some of them again so we could talk more.

At what age do you want to be married?
I dunno.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

How's your heart lately?
Normal, just normal. And a little tingly at times. :heart:

Would you ever donate blood?
Of course.

If you can't sleep at night, what thought is keeping you awake?
"If I don't wake up tomorrow, would anyone care?"

Do you really wanna please everybody?
Well, you can't really please everybody. The most I could ask for is for no one to hate me.

PHEW. :faint:

I tag...


And :iconjustyouplz:, if you feel like taking any of these.

Wish I could say I'm sick of quizzes now, but...I'm not. :iconotlplz:


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XD I love how you tagged.

My, you really ARE Waterbendy for a reason. :3 I took the quiz mentally and I'm Fire/Air.
Waterbendy Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009  Student Digital Artist

And yup yup. And you are quite an air person. :3
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