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April 20, 2010




Tue Apr 20, 2010, 6:19 PM
So a BUNCH of stuff has happened. To summarize:

:bulletblue: I got a job as a waitress. It sucks, but the tips are pretty nice, I make about one hundred dollars a weekend. :] (compensation for the godawful smell in the kitchen)
:bulletblue: Kaleb and I are skipping prom for a more romantic, more fun and less expensive date of our own.
:bulletblue: I GOT A NEW SKETCHBOOK :boogie:
:bulletblue: We got a new pet baby turtle. We found it in the mouth of our dog.
:bulletblue: Our school finally has an anime club! It's so awesome, because we're all spaztastic geeks! We watched the first episode of D.N.Angel, it's pretty awesome. Then afterwards we all went outside and climbed trees, went exploring, had piggyback relay races and pretended to be samurai under the falling cherry blossom petals that were falling off the tree outside our school. So so so much fun. Oh, and the club leader lost half of her Keyblade necklace. :[
:bulletblue: Is that it...?


So that job I mentioned earlier, on the first day a man came in who looked almost exactly like Morgan Freeman came in by himself and I served him. He asked me if I was a college student, and I told him no, so he asked me if I planned to go into any particular field after high school, and I told him art. Then he explained to me why he asked that question. Apparently he is a semi-retired detective from Washington, D.C., and he had originally retired to my town, but he was handed another case that he was interested in, one about a girl who was unjustfully hung over one hundred years ago. He wants to make a presentation to present to the state courthouse, and he's getting law students from around the local area to help him make his presentation. He normally has art/other visuals on his presentations to help get his point across, but his normal art provider is in D.C. and is too busy.

That's where I come in!

TL;DR He wants to commission me to create over 20 pencil sketches for his presentation that will go all the way up to the state.

:excited: :faint: I'VE NEVER BEEN THIS EXCITED!
I gotta brush up on my semi-realism again... :icononionfailplz:

Whoo! Busy times are ahead! And I'm PRAYING I can finally upload some art for once, I never have any time to colour my drawings anymore! SCHOOL STINKS. :iconmiseryplz:

'S it for now, I guess, but you haven't heard the last of me yet!


  • Mood: Relief
  • Listening to: So Much Love - The Rocket Summer
  • Reading: Playing with Matches
  • Watching: Glee
  • Eating: brownie
  • Drinking: blue mountain dew
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fffffffffyouluckywhore. D:<

Get to work on that stuff AESOP! (Err, ASAP)
Waterbendy Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I will! D:>
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OMGWTFLOLBBQ awesome! Congrats for getting a job with "Morgan Freeman"! Lucky! I can't get a job yet, so for now, I am unrecognized. Oh well, still. Congratulations! Good luck! Keep me updated... or don't! XD
Waterbendy Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I'll try not to!

...just kidding orz
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XP Alrighy then! I look forward to dis-information-ness-stuff.
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Oh gawd i wanna be a sammurai scratch that a sumorai lol sounds fun.
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Sumorai? Sounds dangerous!
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sumo fatso and a hoawt samurai.....cha i live for danger it's my natural high
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