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Submitted on
June 27, 2009




Journal Entry: Sat Jun 27, 2009, 7:10 PM

Vacation tiems!

Okay, folks, I'm leaving tomorrow morning on a loooong road trip to go visit my home state and stay at my grandparents house as I do every year.


:bulletblue: June 28 - Get up at 5 AM and leave 5:30 AM
:bulletblue: June 28 - 9:42 AM: Sweet relief at a rest stop
:bulletblue: June 28 - 12:30 PM: Arrive at destination
:bulletblue: June 29 - Celebratory chili dogs
:bulletblue: July 1 - Visit cousins
:bulletblue: July 2 - School clothes shopping
:bulletblue: July 4 - Fireworks, and possibly a cookout/pool party at my aunt's house
:bulletblue: July 6 - Take another road trip to secluded cabin in West Virginia
:bulletblue: July 8 - Get in touch with nature
:bulletblue: July 9 - Do things I'm much too young for like driving an ATV and shoot a gun (though I'm pretty good at both :D)
:bulletblue: July 11 - Eat a pancake, pet a donkey
:bulletblue: July 13 - Back to Maryland
:bulletblue: July 15 - New Harry Potter movie!
:bulletblue: July 17-19 - OTAKON!!
:bulletblue: July 21 - Moar school clothes shopping
:bulletblue: July 22-27 - Chill with my grandparents.
:bulletblue: July 28 - Go to airport and ride a plane by myself back to NC

this itinerary subject to change...a lot

The best part is, I won't be out of the loop like I was in previous years! I have a cell phone and a laptop now. :D (Even though said laptop is hopelessly obsolete. Like, Windows 98 obsolete.) But I'm taking my tablet, too, and my mom is letting me download GIMP onto the laptop. So I'll be able to keep up with arts I need to finish, too! :la: I'll post updates on this journal when I can and definitely on my Twitter. If you didn't catch it, it's here: :cd: :pointr:


Later, taters.

  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: The Moon Nocturnal - Autumn's Grey Solace
  • Reading: Bleach 363
  • Drinking: vanilla milkshake
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bloomacnchez Jun 28, 2009  Student General Artist
WOO! :D Hope to see you there, Waterbendy! :aww:

I'll probably end up going by train. :iconimhappyplz: Aha, ha, I fail.
Bye corrie!!

I love you! have fun!!
wee-donut Jun 27, 2009  Student Filmographer
Nice planning of the rest stop. Have fun. x3
Waterbendy Jun 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
It happens every year. D:

Thanks! :glomp:
DeathByDarkness Jun 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hope you have fun! And don't light anything while aiming it at your eyeballs.
Waterbendy Jun 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Thanks, Len! :hug: And I won't. I'll just point it at the eyeballs of art thefts and the world will be a better place :P
DeathByDarkness Jun 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:glomp: No wait, stick it between their legs. >8D Make them suffer for their bad deeds.
Waterbendy Jun 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Brilliant! There would be nothing there to burn, though. D:
DeathByDarkness Jun 27, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good point. Hm. . . Okay, dangle a piece of good art in front of them, and lead them to a pitfall filled with tarantulas, fruit cakes, and permanent marker ink! 8D
Waterbendy Jun 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Don't forget policy violation buttons!

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