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March 19, 2007
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Naruto Similarities by Waterbendy Naruto Similarities by Waterbendy
EDIT 11/12/08: Wow holy crap, for something I did for the lulz, this sure has fetched a lot of attention. :wow: If I had known it would get this popular, I would have done a lot better job on it. .___. Thank you to all of you who faved, to all who commented, and double thank you to all those who faved and commented!! :D

OMGosh my first fanart with Avatar characters. O.o I may be starting to live up to my name, the great Waterbendy-sama...:>

It started with me noticing how much Harry Potter and Gaara looked alike...then Amy Rose and Sakura, then it progressed from there. I had ideas from other people, too...

Harry Potter vs. Sabaku no Gaara - Both of them have messy-yet-fluffy-and-adorable hair, they both have a scar on the left side of their foreheads(Harry's is the lightning bolt, Gaara's is the kanji for love[except when he's a chibi, then it's a heart X3 ]). Plus, Harry has the big round glasses and Gaara has those tanuki/insomniac rings that somewhat look like glasses...

Zuko vs. Sasuke Uchiha - I got the inspiration for this one from one of ~sora-ko's fanarts. At the beginning of their respective shows, they both had one "evil" goal and were determined to do anything to achieve that goal. After a turning point in the show, when it looked like they were just about to have a permanent change of heart, here come their older siblings...then bam. Instant double-crossing assholes. Yet they're emo and we love them anyway for some odd reason. XD Also, they do look somewhat alike. But, that's really not correct since Naruto came before Avatar... (Wow, that one was long. O.o)

Toph Bei Fong vs. Hinata Hyuuga - Come on, ya gotta admit, you saw the likenesses at least once. They look alike, especially in their hair(except that Toph's is long and just in a bun and Hinata's was just naturally short). And I used to think Hinata and Neji were blind because they had white eyes, and then I thought "Toph!" However, Toph's rather up-front and straight-forward while Hinata is more shy and gets embarrassed more easily, but opposites attract, ne? XD

Amy Rose vs. Sakura Haruno - Yes, yes, I know, many people have noticed this one. But come on, you can tell why. They're both "pink" in a way, as in, when you think of them the first color that comes to mind is pink. The short, pink hair with a headband. The red, sleeveless dress. Both are obsessed with "blue," main character guys whose names start with "S." I basically think that Sakura is Masashi Kishimoto-sensei's humanized Amy Rose. XD

Mandark vs. Rock Lee - In case many of you are wondering, Mandark's from an old TV show I used to watch on Cartoon Network sometimes when I was really bored, it was called "Dexter's Laboratory." It's dead now, but it was a really good show...anyway, yeah, so Rii-san isn't evil like Mandark. But they both have the bowlcuts with jet-black hair with a white shiny streak across it. (No offense intended to ~rionette, who recently got a bowlcut from her grandmother, sadly enough. T.T) And, they're both obsessed with "pink" girls, a.k.a. Sakura and Dee Dee. And don't start making fun of me because I used to watch that show, or I'll hunt you down and leave you as a small red spot on the ground.

Edward Elric vs. Ino Yamanaka - Thumbs up to my mom who helped me think of this one. X3 The smart(or in Ino's case...intelligent) blondes. Ino's hand seals for Shinten no Jutsu look kind of like she's doing alchemy...what? <.< Plus they both have eyes that(I think) are somewhat creepy but adorable nonetheless. Well, okay, they're not too much alike, but still...

Anyway, when I think of any more likenesses I'll draw 'em. Ideas? Suggestions?

MAJOR EDIT 10/3/07: Good people. I KNOW Naruto came out before most of these!! So quit commenting saying so!! Likewise, I've changed the title from "Why Naruto Isn't Original" to "Naruto Similarities." Now, STOP NAGGING! Have a nice day. : )
EDIT 6/5/07: I really can't believe how many views and comments and faves this has gotten...thanks to all who faved. =D Then, there's the people that take this waaaaaaaaaay too seriously...IT'S A JOKE, PEOPLE. I drew this one day when I was bored, it was by all means NOT supposed to be serious!! That is all.

EDIT 9/18/07: PEOPLE. Read the friggin' description!!! This was NOT meant to be serious! IT'S. JUST. A. JOKE!! So quit commenting saying everything I compared the characters to came out AFTER Naruto came out, I know that!!
Harry Potter (c) J.K. Rowling.
Zuko, Toph, and Azula (c) Michael Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko.
Amy Rose (c) SEGA and Sonic Team.
Mandark (c) Craig McCracken.
All Naruto characters (c) Kishimoto Masashi-sensei and Shounen Jump.
I pwn--er, own the artwork, bitchstupids.
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TheNitorem Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The Zuko and Sasuke was really similar now that I notice. The Gaara and Harry Potter similarity was pretty coincidental :D!!!
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Tottally agree on the amy sakura one. THEY ARE LIKE EXSACTLY THE SAME!!!!
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Not bad :D
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For Gaara, Sasuke, Lee and Ino- holy cow, I didn't even think of those similarities to the characters they are with!
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Now u could add Naruto with Sonic when naruto is in Kyuubi mode. They're both insanly fast now
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ill kill you Dexter? HAHA! truly something he would say over the years :giggle: That Mandark :D
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